December 2018

Dr. Eryn O'Connell was an excellent practitioner for me. She is kind, dynamic, informative, and helpful. I saw her for both women's health and counseling for a little over a year. I always felt heard, respected, and more integrated on a physical and emotional level after a visit with her. I highly recommend her as a primary health care provider, and I am sad to have to find someone new in Seattle!

Dr. Eryn is everything a doctor should be. She’s knowledgeable, caring, and incredibly thorough. We were sad to see her leave the Seattle area. Her new community is so very fortunate to have her!

November 2018

My husband and I cannot say enough about how great Dr. O'Connell has been for our family. As a new mom, finding a super pediatrician and ND was extremely important to me. Not only did Dr. O'Connell always answer our many questions or concerns, but she did it with a smile and with great sincerely every single time. Not only is she thoughtful, genuine and kind, but professional as well. These attributes are what I look for in a caregiver and she nails them all. We highly recommend her!!!

October 2018

Dr Eryn was amazing at helping us through the thrawls of “newborn-hood." She was always patient and thorough in answering our questions and was informative and supportive of our parenting decisions. She made our many trips to the office something we enjoyed and even looked forward to, she will be missed!

Dr. Eryn provided me the tools I needed to make huge strides of progress when it comes to dealing with my crippling anxiety. She excelled at teaching breathing exercises and meditations that have completely changed the way I feel for the better. She was kind and gentle, and taught me long term solutions, which is something I have not experienced with other counselors. She was also extremely accommodating with my schedule, and made time after hours for me so that we could make it work! Recommend!

September 2018

Dr Eryn is wonderful. She helped us navigate the first 9 months from newborn to toddler with grace and confidence. She’s empathetic, clear and reassuring. She’s a wonderful doc and we’re sad to see her go!